Julie and David Bulitt, authors of the award winning and highly praised book, “THE FIVE CORE CONVERSATIONS FOR COUPLES”, have announced that they will be expanding the reach of their work assisting couples in enhancing their communication skills and cultivating the quality of their relationships.

A family therapist and divorce lawyer, Julie and David used their book not only to provide sensible and real-life advice to couples, but also laid bare their own personal lives in the process.

Since the book’s release, “we have received countless inquiries, comments about the book and requests to meet with couples privately,” Julie Bulitt reported. “We gave it a lot of thought and came up with a plan. It’s not therapy, it’s not legal advice. It’s consulting and coaching. Sharing and learning from our experiences and yours,” she said.

A year and a half later, they have announced what David called a three-pronged approach to their couples work, exclusive of their ongoing book projects. The first, a professionally produced “Conversations for Couples” You Tube Series was launched in August 2021. The series is an outgrowth of their ‘Couples Cocktails’ weekly spots on Facebook Live. Those breezy and informal live events began in the early days of the pandemic and by the summer of 2021 had grown to over 1000 views per week on their social media platforms.

In addition to the monthly video series, the Bulitts have commenced individual coaching and consulting with couples and in the next several months will kick off the first six-part “Conversations for Couples” Coaching and Consulting Series. “We are looking to share our experiences directly to folks who are interested in improving their personal and professional lives,” David said. “I am hopeful that everyone who decides to enroll will join us in sharing not only our failures, but successes as well.”

In addition to the group sessions, participants will be able to sign up for individual coaching sessions with the Bulitts.

To request an individual session with the Bulitts or learn more about the upcoming Coaching and Consulting series, email Julie and David at