The 5 Core Conversations For Couples

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From our differing vantage points and often contrasting perspectives, we have seen up close families struggling with life’s most difficult challenges. At the same time, we have weathered our own challenges at home, raised four daughters, two biological and two adopted, and dealt with one child’s mental health and behavioral issues, addiction, running away and pregnancy. What we have listened to, struggled through, and learned about saving a marriage, keeping a family together, or knowing when to call it quits, when to turn to professionals, or when to try tough love, could fill a book. And it has. THE  5 CORE CONVERSATIONS FOR COUPLES is, for better or for worse, what we talk about. We hope it helps you gain some fresh insights into your own relationships and have valuable and more frequent conversations with those you love.

Our Book

What happens when a top divorce lawyer and a family therapist close the door and really talk? What’s on their minds? Who gets the last word?

Married for 33 years, the Bulitts are that couple. David is one of the premier DC Metro family law attorneys, representing clients in high profile divorce cases since 1986. Julie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 25 years of experience working with families. She is also an in-house therapist at Discovery Channel.

Together, David and Julie have seen life’s most difficult challenges, including addiction, infidelity, mental and physical health diagnoses and trauma. At the same time, they have weathered their own challenges at home, raising four daughters, two biological and two adopted, and dealing with one child’s addiction and mental health issues.


Summer Events

After a Valentines Day release and several early in person events, Julie and David have spent the last few months doing virtual appearances in front of their computer screens. With summer upon us, the Bulitts are happy that the live tour is back in gear and invite you to two July 4 holiday book appearances, both of which will take place on the Delaware shore.

The first is hosted by their good friends, human and canine, at Yuppy Puppy  in downtown Bethany Beach on Friday, July 3 from 4-7pm. Come by for great dog treats and gifts, enjoy a beer or glass of wine and pick up your copy of THE 5 CORE CONVERSATIONS FOR COUPLES!

You can also join Julie and David on Sunday morning, July 5 from 9-11 am at Pottery Place and Perks Cafe in Fenwick Island . This is truly one of the coolest and most unique shops at the shore so stop in to shop and chat with the Bulitts about the 5 CORE CONVERSATIONS FOR COUPLES over a cup of coffee.

Also, the Bulitt’s Couples Happy Hours will continue on Facebook Live throughout the summer. Log on and have a drink with them every Saturday night at 7pm ET right here: