Sounds like a strange way to kick off this month’s newsletter, but it seems to fit.  DB made the mistake of going to a fundraiser for Knine (, a local animal rescue that we love and support, and of course fell for a little fellow that they saved from a roadside in North Carolina. Under pressure from our grandchildren and with DB doing a bit of moping, Julie finally succumbed and Frank now has a brother, Archie, a lovable and sweet pup. Don’t worry –  the whole puppy negotiation will soon find its way into an upcoming podcast episode.

We continue to work hard at putting out interesting, provoking and engaging episodes of our new podcast, Conversations for Couples. In recent episodes, topics have included some of our own struggles, the main reasons people seek therapy and we also were joined by a great guest, sex therapist Deborah Fox, LICSW, discussing how to best navigate relationship conflict. 

This week’s episode drops on Thursday March 28 and features Joan Vassos, our friend and everyone’s favorite from the Golden Bachelor. Articulate, intelligent and unabashedly honest, Joan talks openly about life after the passing of her long term husband as well as her journey on The Golden Bachelor and beyond. Click here to subscribe and don’t miss this week’s episode:  

You can also watch the episodes on our You Tube channel:

Thanks again for all the support and here’s hoping for some warm weather! If anyone has any great puppy training advice, please pass it on. So far Archie seems to like shoes and scurries off with a sneaker here and there when we turn our backs.

Thanks again for all the support!

-Julie and David