The Bulitt's Book

The 5 Core Conversations For Couples

What happens when a top divorce lawyer and a family therapist close the door and really talk? What’s on their minds? Who gets the last word?

Married for 33 years, the Bulitts are that couple. David is one of the premier DC Metro family law attorneys, representing clients in high profile divorce cases since 1986. Julie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 25 years of experience working with families.  She is also an in-house therapist at Discovery Channel.

Together, David and Julie have seen life’s most difficult challenges, including addiction, infidelity, mental and physical health diagnoses and trauma. At the same time, they have weathered their own challenges at home, raising four daughters, two biological and two adopted, and dealing with one child’s addiction and mental health issues.

What they’ve learned about saving a marriage could fill a book — and it does.  “The 5 Core Conversations for Couples” tackles every corner of relationships with the wisdom, knowledge, and best advice culled from David and Julie’s unique experiences. Drawn from notes of their discussions, chats, arguments — not always sober — and frank, funny stories, it openly tackles the basics from getting along, to parenting, communication, and sex, as well as hard-to-discuss issues like addiction, infertility, pornography, and family silence.  “The 5 Core Conversations for Couples” takes you inside how these two professionals hash out some of life’s toughest personal challenges, revealing what they really think and say to each other.  

Book Reviews

“THE 5 CORE CONVERSATIONS FOR COUPLES is the ultimate conversation starter. David and Julie Bulitt have produced a fresh, new way to explore — and improve — relationships. It’s not simply that they offer a great and unique combination of insights — divorce attorney married to a therapist — but that they have distilled key relationship struggles into a series of thoughtful, funny, and meaningful conversations. Our wired world is creating entire generations that struggle to have a good conversation, yet what is more essential for having a healthy relationship than to be able to talk together, face to face? THE 5 CORE CONVERSATIONS revives how to “let’s talk about it.” It’s a great blend of professional and personal wisdom, as David and Julie also don’t shy away from discussion their own issues. So many families struggle with child mental health issues and addiction, THE 5 CORE CONVERSATIONS finally makes it okay to talk about that. Tough topic? THE 5 CORE CONVERSATIONS has got it, in a way that makes the subject no longer taboo. THE 5 CORE CONVERSATIONS FOR COUPLES is a refreshing, open, honest, and totally new way of dealing with many of the largest challenges that two people trying to navigate life together can face. It provides wisdom, a template, and a way to identify key areas that we all should be talking about — and it does it in an approachable, honest, humorous, and wise style. David and Julie are also the total package — engaging, flexible writers, great at taking editorial direction and making complex topics clear and understandable; highly personable and great at interviews; and professionals who understand how to reach people and readers. THE 5 CORE CONVERSATIONS FOR COUPLES is the real deal.”

Multiple NYT Best selling collaborative writer (including three books at #1) and former Parade Magazine Washington Correspondent

“After practicing family law for almost half a century, I have observed a myriad of reasons discord and lack of harmony pervade so many relationships. Lack of fulfillment and unhappiness ultimately leads to separation and divorce. Not only does separation and divorce impact on the parties involved, but most importantly, on children, who rarely, if ever, want to see their parents divorced. THE 5 CORE CONVERSATIONS FOR COUPLES is insightful, informative and provides enormously helpful and pragmatic advice to families that will improve their day-to-day lives and happiness. Communication, humor, passion, devotion and so many other subjects are covered by Julie and David Bulitt in ways that only those who have worked with families over many years have the capacity to understand and put into simple language. Every relationship encounters many experiences they discuss. Julie and David’s thoughts and ideas as to how couples can better deal with tough issues are marvelous. Best of all, this is all accomplished in an entertaining and enjoyable read. There is something in this work for everyone, and in many cases, there are many shared ideas that will add brightness and hope to any relationship.”

Sanford K. Ain, Esquire
Co-founder and principal, Ain & Bank

"I smiled, laughed, and nodded my head from page one to the end.   Having been a divorce lawyer for over 40 years, and married for 39, THE 5 CORE CONVERSATIONS FOR COUPLES resonated on many levels.  I will unhesitatingly recommend THE 5 CORE CONVERSATIONS FOR COUPLES to friends, colleagues and clients alike.   It's insightful, spot-on, and serious yet hilarious at the same time. "

Deborah Reiser, Esquire
The 2016 "Lawyer of the Year" for Family Law in Washington, DC by Best Lawyers in America.

“Through their unique use of dialog, Julie and David Bulitt have pulled the curtain back on the “inner life” of long-term relationships to brilliantly reveal the stumbling blocks and issues that are common to us all. The Bulitts easily draw the reader into their 30+ year relationship and employ humor and honesty as the subtle educational vehicle to teach the lessons that couples can use to enhance their own relationships. No topic is off limits! I wholeheartedly recommend this book to both therapists and clients alike. It is an easy read and can be used as an amazingly effective therapeutic tool. THE 5 CORE CONVERSATIONS FOR COUPLES will help people stay off the couch and out of divorce court!”

Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist Named as Somerville, Mass. BEST COUPLES THERAPIST, 2014 and 2015

“The information and perspectives of a marriage counselor and a divorce attorney are invaluable. If I’d read 5 CORE CONVERSATIONS FOR COUPLES a year or two before my divorce, I wouldn’t be divorced today! Two smart people who are sharing their expertise to keep the rest of us on the long path!”

Founder, JKS Communications, literary publicity firm