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Events and Coaching

Julie and David can meet with your organization, your business or your employees both in person and virtually. The presentations take on a workshop type feel as the Bulitt’s combine their professional perspectives and experiences along with their own successes and challenges into a highly personal, interactive and informative presentation.
The Bulitt’s also offer virtual individual and couples coaching sessions where folks can talk freely,   leaning on Julie’s mental health background as well as David’s 35 plus years as a divorce lawyer in order to work on identifying and managing and navigating relationship struggles and challenges.
To talk with the Bulitts, learn more about their speaking and coaching offerings,
send an email to or schedule a call here:

"intimate and personal”

“love,love,love these two"

“these two are a dynamic duo”

“i loved the transparency of this couple”

“HOMERUN!!! We all learned a lot”

“These two just knock it out of the park”

“ideal for couples retreats”

“a dynamic power couple”

The Bulitts